Antibody Rapid Test

Our Antibody Rapid Test detects, if you have either been in contact with SARS-CoV-2 or vaccinated and wether an immune reaction leading to the formation of antibodies has taken place. Antibodies are the body's defense reaction, formed by the immune system after an infection, or after vaccination.


Our test captures two different types of antibodies:


  1. IgM Antibodies show a recent infection, they are usually formed about 5 to 10 days after contracting an infection and they decline quickly and shortly after recovery.

  2. IgG Antibodies show an acquired immunity, they are formed with slight delay but stay significantly longer in one's blood. Therefore, a previous infection can be determined even months after.


This test is interesting to anyone who would like to know, if they have already gone through an unnoticed infection.

FasTest - Corona Antikörper Schnelltest

Orient-Gene IgG / IgM
Rapid Test

CE Certified

Licensed and certified in the EU

95% accuracy

Produced and certified in Austria

Result in 15 minutes

Fast result including written certificate

Bilingual Diagnostic Findings

Written certificate in German and English

Antibody Rapid Test Procedure


You can book an appointment directly on our website. This will reduce your waiting time on site. It is also possible to visit our test stations without an appointment. Please note that only card payments are accepted on site. At "Kärntner Straße" appointments are mandatory.


Our staff will collect your personal information on site. Please provide an official identification document (passport, driver's license).


Our specially trained staff takes a drop of blood by pricking your finger tip, similar to blood glucose monitoring. The drop of blood will then be applied on the Antibody Test. If your blood contains antibodies against the Corona virus, a reaction between the antigens on the test and the antibodies in your blood occurs.


You will receive an e-mail about the completed analysis 15 minutes after the sampling.


You can access and download your written certificate in both German and English through LATIDO after receiving a notification and a two factor authentication via text message.

 Useful information - Antibody rapid test 

How much does an Antibody Rapid Test cost?

The Antibody Rapid Test costs 39 Euro. Only medically trained staff are entrusted with the collection of samples. Due to our strict hygiene guidelines and in order to guarantee swift proceedings, we only accept card payments.

How reliable is an Antibody Rapid Test?

According to recent studies our test has an accuracy of 95%.

IgG antibodies are of importance here. These are formed only a few weeks after the infection and the vaccination respectively. It has yet to be resolved how long antibodies remain in the blood in the case of COVID-19.

What happens, if the test is positive?

A positive test result gives you the certainty that at least a certain immune response has happened in your body. Liberties resulting from such a case are currently under political discussion. A more time-consuming and cost-intensive neutralization test allows the omission of further tests (in order to gain certain liberties - "Freitestungen") and hence is recommended after a positive rapid test to determine immunity.

Your Antibody Test result will only be reported in case of IgM positivity since this indicates the possibility of mild infectivity.

What is the use of an Antibody Rapid Test?

Numerous disease progressions, especially in young people, are very mild or even without any symptoms. Typical of COVID-19 is the possibility to mistake the disease's symptoms with those of an ordinary cold. That is why many people don't realize that they have actually undergone a COVID infection and therefore already have antibodies.

Also, IgG antibodies are released after vaccination, which protects from a severe infection.

In both cases it is worth checking, if the formation of antibodies has taken place, 

How can I get the result?

You will receive the information that your result is ready by e-mail or text message. After a two-step security authentication, which serves the purpose of data security, you can retrieve the result of your Antibody Test online.


Alternatively, you can get the result in printed form from the test center.

You will receive the result in two languages, in both German and English.

Is the test result official?

Yes! Since exclusively medically trained staff is taking the test samples, the result of the Antibody Rapid Test is official. However, in order to gain further liberties (omission of Antigen-/School tests), a medical confirmation of a previous infection or a more elaborate neutralization test is consequently needed.

When must I not get tested?

If you have typical Covid-19 symptoms like temperature, cough, loss of smell or taste, please stay at home in self-isolation and call the health hotline 1450. They will talk you through the next steps.

It is also not advisable to get tested right after a COVID vaccination or a COVID infection since the IgG antibodies are released only within a delay of a few weeks. Ideally speaking you should wait for at least 14 days until getting tested with our Antibody Rapid Test.

How will the sample be taken?

The Antibody Rapid Test detects antibodies against COVID in the blood. That is why a drop of blood is needed. Our medical staff pricks slightly into the fingertip to take a drop of blood. It is a similar procedure to blood glucose monitoring.

How does the Antibody Rapid Test work?

Proteins, so-called antigens of the virus, are mounted on the surface of the test strip. A drop of blood is applied to this surface. If the blood contains antibodies, they connect to these viral protein fragments, amounting to a color reaction on the test strip. Consequently, a yes/no statement regarding the presence of SARS-CoV-2 specific antibodies can be made, but no quantitative statement.