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The PCR test has established itself as the gold standard in corona diagnostics. Due to the amplification of the virus genome during the test procedure, the PCR test can also detect lower viral loads, which makes the test much more sensitive than a conventional antigen rapid test.

Our new test method is significantly faster and more cost-effective than the usual PCR tests.

CE and IVD Certified
Fast and exact Test Result
State-of-the-art research
Valid for foreign

 Procedure of the RT-PCR test 


You can book an appointment directly on our website. This will reduce your waiting time on site. It is also possible to visit our test stations without an appointment. Please note that only card payments are accepted on site. At "Kärntner Straße" appointments are mandatory.


Our staff members will collect your personal information on site. Please provide your eCard as well as an official identification document (passport, driver's license, ID-card).

Testing Method

After a simple throat swab by our trained staff, the sample is mechanically RNA-extracted in our laboratory. The extracted sample is then pipetted into a reagent (master mix) and processed in a real-time PCR device for approx. 45 min. The first step is reverse transcription (RT) of the virus RNA into DNA, which is then amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). If virus RNA is found in the sample, an exponential fluorescence curve is visible on the real-time PCR instrument.


You will receive an e-mail notification about the completion of the analysis within 2 hours (Kärntner Straße, Mariahilfer Straße), respectively 5 hours (other locations in Vienna & surroundings), respectively 7 hours (Linz) after sampling. 


The evaluation of your PCR test is carried out by our experienced employees with the help of a LIMS (laboratory information system) from Labordatenbank GmbH. You will receive the result with an EU-compliant QR code by email or SMS. 

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