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Mayor Dr. Luger visits FasTest in Linz

Exchange about fighting the pandemic. Unity is the decisive factor.

During the visit to our FasTest Corona Test Center in Linz, Mayor Dr. Klaus Luger personally got a picture of our Covid Test Center as well as the team around Managing Director Dr. med. univ. Manuel Chytilek. During a detailed conversation, the mission of our company was explained: FasTest - The fastest way to normality.

Dr. Klaus Luger bei FasTest Linz
Dr. med. univ. Manuel Chytilek (Managing Director FasTest), Julia Kretz (Center Management Passage Linz), Mag. Susanne Seher (Head of FasTest Upper Austria) and Dr. Klaus Luger (Mayor of Linz) in the FasTest Corona Test Center in the Passage Linz.

People need an alternative.

Especially the topics of the unified testing strategy, the current operational testing as well as the expansion of testing in Linz were discussed. As FasTest we were able to show once again how important it is for us to make an essential contribution to the fight against this pandemic. As FasTest, we show citizens their alternatives and at the same time ensure that these alternatives can be used in a simple and straightforward manner.

"Our company has specialized in testing for months. Both in our COVID test centers and with our mobile teams, which are in operation in Linz and throughout Austria. We have additional capacity that is available immediately. We want to make a greater contribution," clarifies Dr. med. univ. Manuel Chytilek.

During a constructive as well as pleasant exchange with mayor Klaus Luger we were further allowed to report about our daily routine during this time, how an idea became a start up and meanwhile employs 75 people all over Austria. But we were also able to present the test procedures in more detail and give an insight into the impeccable quality. As FasTest it was a special concern for us to present not only the quality of our tests but also our service-oriented employees. Because, we are aware of that, only with empathy and security the tests can be integrated into the everyday life of the people.

"Rapid and efficient testing capabilities form essential components of the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. That's why I'm pleased that we can offer a wide range of testing services in Linz and that this is a good addition in the middle of Linz," says Linz Mayor Dr. Klaus Luger.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Klaus Luger for his visit and look forward to seeing him again soon and to further exchanges.

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