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Now in Linz: Austria's fastest PCR test

Need to know your Corona status quickly? As of February 15, this is also possible in Linz. A confirmed PCR result in 7 hours by FasTest in Passage Linz with our RT-LAMP COVID Test

In addition to the well-known COVID antigen rapid tests and antibody tests, FasTest also offers the possibility to perform a new PCR test (RT-LAMP) in our test center in Passage Linz. After only seven hours the customer will receive his result electronically.

FasTest Corona Tests Linz

I needed a quick molecular biological result for my flight tomorrow morning. Furthermore, the swab through the throat is much more convenient for me. I had the result within 90 minutes. Everything worked flawlessly." - Customer FasTest

How does this PCR test work? Austria's fastest nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) is based on the so-called loop ampflication method, which provides a reliable result after a maximum of 90 minutes.

Ideal for air travel abroad.

FasTest thus also offers in this area: the fastest way to normality.

Our customers in Linz receive their results within 7 hours.

Our RT-LAMP Corona Test was developed by our team of physicians together with Dr. Armin Robubi and Prof. Dr. Walter Klimscha from the Donaustadt Clinic and is CE certified for all of Europe and approved as an in vitro diagnostic device (IVD).

Procedure - test procedure at a glance

The swab is taken from the throat for the RT-LAMP Corona Test. The swab is swirled in a buffer solution to draw out the sample material. A small amount of sample is then added to a prepared reagent test kit.

Corona PCR Test Linz

The complete reaction mixture is then placed in a thermoblock at a constant 65° Celsius and heated for 30 minutes. If there is viral material in the sample, virus RNA is first transcribed into DNA and then amplified over and over again. Due to the amplification in loops, this process happens much faster than in a conventional PCR test. During this reaction, the solution in the reaction vessel slowly becomes acidic. The test makes use of precisely this effect: The solution also contains an indicator that changes color - from red to yellow - when the pH changes.

In the case of positive results, the reaction is repeated in order to be able to exclude the unlikely case of a false positive test with a high degree of certainty by means of fluorescence measurement. The result is sent to the patient immediately after the end of the reaction.

This means that you can be sure quickly - the fastest way to normality!

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