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Together with the community of Nickelsdorf on the fastest way to normality

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Opening of the new location "Nickelsdorf".

Thanks to the close cooperation with Mayor Gerhard Zapfl and the municipality of Nickelsdorf, we were even able to bring forward the opening of the new location at the motorway truck stop area south to 22.4.2021

"As mayor of the municipality of Nickelsdorf, I welcome this initiative. The COVID pandemic presents us with great challenges every day, which we have to overcome together. We are grateful for any support," says long-time mayor Gerhard Zapfl.

The mayor was personally involved in the creation of the project and was able to convince himself of the quality and expertise through intensive contact with the team around Managing Director Dr. Manuel Chytilek. Together they defined goals on how to expand the fastest path to normality for the region.

"It is impressive how professionally the municipality of Nickelsdorf operates its test areas. With the full commitment of the citizens, the highest commitment of the municipality and also the personal commitment of the mayor, hundreds of tests are carried out here every week. This situation must be relieved. We want to tackle it!" says Dr. Manuel Chytilek, CEO FasTest.

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Uras Aslan, B.Sc (CFO), Bürgermeister Gerhard Zapfl, Dr. med. univ. Manuel Chytilek (Geschäftsführer) - Copyright: Raphael Fasching

Testing brings normality to the pandemic

The new strategic location in Nickelsdorf is an attempt to bring a little bit of normality to the population through testing. Regular tests that are integrated into everyday life and adherence to the measures are the fastest way to regain normality. FasTest, as one of the first providers of antigen tests in Austria, therefore brings the necessary experience and competence to support the community as well as the region around Nickelsdorf.

"Every single person who gets tested makes a contribution to defeating the pandemic faster. Through our newly opened location in Nickelsdorf, we can now also offer the population the necessary expansion of the infrastructure so that testing can be integrated even better into daily life. Not only individuals, but also companies can be offered a substantial testing strategy by our field testing team!", explains Dr. Manuel Chytilek.

With our 7 locations and around 140 employees, we have grown from a small start-up idea to one of the fastest growing companies in Austria. With our competent, young and dynamic team, we continue to ensure that we can offer all our customers a suitable solution. Through our customer-oriented company philosophy, we try to make the regular testing process as pleasant as possible for you and through our specially developed and innovative test procedures, we are able to provide fast and accurate evaluations!

We are very much looking forward to accompanying the municipality of Nickelsdorf in its opening steps on the way to summer and hope to make a positive contribution to the fastest way to normality.

We want to thank Mayor Gerhard Zapfl and his whole team for the very pleasant cooperation!

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