Your competent partner in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For individuals and for companies.


Check your COVID-Status within 10 minutes by nasopharyngeal (nasal) swab


Check your antibody status within 15 minutes by a blooddrop from your fingertip.

Find out, if you have already been infected with SARS-CoV-2.

2 hours* (Kärntnerstraße & Mariahilferstraße)

5 hours* (Vienna & surroundings)

7 hours* (Linz) 

by oropharyngeal (throat) swab to your molecular biological COVID-Test result. Suitable for air travel.

*Approximate times can be exceeded in individual cases due to follow-up tests. On this occasion, the result will be communicated on the same day. 

Covid-19 partner for companies

Staff Testings

Rule out that your company will become the next COVID-19 cluster.


Minimize the risk at your events for your guests.

FasTest - Corona Tests für Unternehmen
FasTest - Drive-In Corona Schnelltest



1010 Vienna



1010 Vienna



1060 Vienna


Shopping City South

2334 Vösendorf


Lugner City

1150 Vienna


Passage Linz

4020 Linz


Test procedure

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest Ablauf

Registration and payment

Book an appointment on our website or visit one of our test centers without an appointment. At our Test-Center "Kärntnerstraße" appointments are mandatory.

Both the Antigen Rapid Test and the Antibody Rapid Test cost € 39,- each.


We charge € 89,- for the RT-PCR Test. If you need it for a trip abroad, please make sure to bring your passport.


Please provide an official identification document for registration.

Sample Taking

Medically trained staff will take a sample, depending on the respective test.


Antigen Rapid Test:
Nasopharyngeal (Nasal) Swab.


Antibody Rapid Test:
Blood drop from your finger tip.


RT-PCR Test:

Oropharyngeal (Throat) Swab.

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest Nasenabstrich
FasTest - Corona Schnelltest Auswertung

Result Notification

You can leave the test center right after the sample has been taken.


You can access your result online with a two-factor authentication via text message.


Waiting times for the result depend on the respective test method.


Antigen Rapid Test:
10 minutes


Antibody Rapid Test:
15 minutes


RT-PCR Test:

2 hours* (Kärtnerstrasse)

5 hours* (Vienna & SCS)

7 hours* (Linz)

*Approximate times can be exceeded in individual cases due to follow-up tests. On this occasion, the result will be communicated on the same day.

Our Team

FasTest CEO - Dr. Manuel Chytilek
FasTest Medizinische Aufsicht - Dr. Roman C. Ostermann
FasTest CMO - Dr. Alexander Thury

Dr. med. univ.

Manuel Chytilek


Dr. med. univ.

Roman C. Ostermann

Medical Supervision and Quality Management

Dr. med. univ.

Alexander Thury

CMO - Medical Strategy

FasTest - Corona Schnelltest

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